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Quran Memorisation – Full Time:
Tahfeez ul-Qur’aan is to commit to the memorisation of the entire Qur’aan  by heart. During the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), writing was an uncommon form of communication or information transmission; thus, oral transmission via memorisation was the most effective medium of preserving & transmitting information.


  • Memorisation of the entire Holy Qur’aan
  • Study the rules of Tajweed thoroughly and implement them during the recitation and memorisation of the Holy Qur’aan
  • Develop memorisation skills and learn efficient ways on how to retain and expand the memory
  • Encouraging students to integrate Islam into their daily lives
  • The use of positive reinforcement & praise towards the child
  • Small class size to ensure individual attention & focus from teacher


  • Student must be able to recite the Holy Qur’aan fluently
  • Minimum age for registration is 6 years

Positive Reinforcements:

  • Issuing certificates after memorisation of each Juz
  • Written feedback every lesson for parental monitoring on a report card
  • Regular Parent-Teacher interactions to address areas of improvement

Daily Hifz Requirements:

The following are daily requirements related to our Hifz program:

  • Sabaq:(New Lesson) which is to be learnt in class (First Session)
  • Sabaq Juz:(Revision of current Juz) – (Second Session)
  • Manzil: Revision from Juz 1/Previously memorised Juz (Third Session)
  • Completion of Tajweed/Islamic studies tasks (Fourth Session)