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Quran Memorisation – Full Time:
Tahfeez ul-Quran is to commit to the memorisation of the entire Quran by heart. This class provides students the opportunity to embark on a glorious journey to memorise the entire Quran by heart.


  • Memorisation of the entire Holy Quran
  • Study the rules of Tajweed thoroughly and implement them during the recitation and memorisation of the Holy Quran
  • Develop memorisation skills and learn efficient ways on how to retain and expand the memory
  • Encouraging students to integrate Islam into their daily lives
  • The use of positive reinforcement & praise towards the child
  • Small class size to ensure individual attention & focus from teacher


  • Student must be able to recite the Holy Quran fluently
  • Minimum age for registration is 6 years

Positive Reinforcements:

  • Issuing certificates after memorisation of each Juz
  • Written feedback every lesson for parental monitoring on a report card
  • Regular Parent-Teacher interactions to address areas of improvement

Daily Hifz Requirements:

The following are daily requirements related to our Hifz program:

  • Sabaq (New Lesson): First Session
  • Sabaq Juz (Revision of current Juz): Second Session
  • Manzil: Revision of previously memorised Juz: Third Session